Thursday, July 30, 2009

I survived Week 7!!!

WOW.. I'm still breathing..
I still got a life here..
This Week 7 is a week I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER!

Recap of this week happening :
Monday I had my first Midterm of this trimester..
As expected, it doesn't went smoothly..
Just keep my finger cross, hoping for the best!

Tuesday onward, I had been doing my Mini P stuff..
Finally get to reduce the noise in my project..
We can hear quite clear of the music but there's just music..
We can't hear the singer sings..

I guess this is where our enchancement should be..
Make the singer voice to be heard!

Luck is with me when i get to run my schematic on my first try..
Even though I don't know exactly the graph should looks like..
But still, I get a graph from my circuit.. ^^

Luck wasn't with me when the book i borrowed from the library has WAY passed the due date.
Get fined RM7.20!

Friday, schematic and circuit giving out thing it should be..
Ended up nicely.. Effort pays off..
And so, my weekend conclude with TC Ice Breaking trip to Tambun & Sungkai.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4am in the morning...

4am in the morning..
My eyes are desperately trying to close down..
Whole body is aching..
The coldness in the night makes me longing to sleep..

But I cant sleep coz there is work for me to do..
I'm the one suggest that schematic have to come out by this morning..
So, i have to do it..
That is what groupwork is all about for me..

The earlier i finish my schematic work,
The earlier i can sleep...

Good Night!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hectic 1 Month ACtivity~!!

I will start off with :

Week 7

Monday - 27/07/09
ETM midterm exam - Chap1 and Chap2
Celebrate Aalice Birthday!

Tuesday to Thursday - 28-30/07/09
Most of my free time will be staying in the lab..
Correcting the circuit and as well as drawing the schematic of the circuit..

Friday - 31/07/09
Due date of two report..
Mini P - Lab 6
MTA1 report
Working circuit
Correct schematic which can produce correct graphs

Midterm break - 1 week holiday
Happy?? NOt really..
Preparing for Upcoming quiz and midterms

Week 8
Monday and Friday - 10/08/09 and 14/08/09
3 hours Mini P lab

Tuesday and Thursday - 11/08/09 and 13/08/09
ADC2 and PE2 Lab
Total of 12 hours lab in 1 week! >.<
Preparing for upcoming exam!

WEek 9
Tuesday - 18/08/09
ECP Midterm

Wednesday - 19/08/09
EEN Midterm

Thursday - 21/08/09
MTA2 Lab
Final Lab in my Delta First Trimester!

Week 10
Monday - 24/08/09
LAW midterm!

Week 11
Friday - 4/08/09
Pass up Multimedia Assignment!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Survey

This is just some random post for a very random survey..
Stay around and post some comment about your opinion...

What will you do if you have money from RM5000 and below?

Here's my list :

Range from RM4000-RM5000:
Travelling - Taiwan, HongKong, England??
Buy myself a brand new Nikon D90 which would cost about RM4688 for full kit..
Maybe a new laptop too! ^^

Range from RM3000-RM4000:
A brand new Nikon D80 which cost around RM3288 for full kit..
A set of sophisticated CPU with 22inch LCD monitor..
PS3 + Nintendo WII

Range from RM2000-RM3000:
A brand new Nikon D60 which cost around RM2388 for full kit..
A new handphone - SE, Nokia or Iphone..

Range from RM1000-RM2000:
A new handphone - Maybe W995a, Samsung smartphones, still IPhone?
Just make some investment with it..

Nothing much can do already actually..
I'm aiming for something small only..
RM5000 is sufficient for me to spend in this current time..

Do drop comment if you guys can think of anything to spend on with RM5000.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Datukship" problem again?

Getting "Datukship" recognition is like some prestigious award..
It used to be given to those who has contributed a lot in our country..
However, things are getting out of hand..

"Datukship" can be given to anyone, anytime, and anyhow..
Few months ago, there was a big fuss over "datukship"..

Shah Rukh Khan, who's obviously not a Malaysian, was somehow given "Datukship" to him..
Without contributing anything to Malaysia, everyone wonders what the hell was going on..
This is due to the narrow minded of the authorities..
They are doing anything, whatever they want..

Now, a bunch of nut head, is trying to get Amri Yahyah his own "datukship".
Some may ask, Who the heck is him anyway?

FYI, he's the football player representing Malaysia squad..
He's the one the has scored past two goal against MANCHESTER UNITED( EPL champion )
For that, people are trying to give him a "datukship"..

Malaysian can really goes into the world record for the craziest, silliest suggestion ever!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Investment, Risk worth to take?

Lately, there's a lot of investment thingy going on around me..
The more I'm exposed to these, the more I'm interested with investment.

I'm a total amateur about investment..
I don't know anything about investment..
What to invest, which to invest, how to invest and when to invest?
I guess I should start learning how to do some small investment..

Of course, investment got its own risk..

Quote of the day,

The higher the return, the higher the risk!
Shorter the investment, the higher the risk.
Longer the investment, the safer it would be.

Right now, doing small investment I dont think it's a bad idea.
Just playing it small, I think it would be good for me.
I can gain some experience on it.

However, the problem is do I willing to take the risk?
Do I have the capital to invest in?
What if the investment fail, can i handle the lost?

These are the problem of investment..
At the age of 21, should I start this kind of thing to do?

Anyway, learning to make some investment is not a bad thing..
Start to learn about investment and earn some extra money when the chance comes!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt

Can anyone taste the sweetness in the salt?
What am I talking about?
Salt is of course taste salty right?

You are wrong~!
Salt might be salty for some but at the same time, might be sweet for another.
It's just like people like bittergourd but some, they just hate it!

Every human in this world is different in their own way.
Even twins wont be exactly the same.
When you know them, you can distinguish them.

It depend on how you look into the matter.

Today, I get some tips of life.
My Law lecturer shares some experience of her own.

We are the new generation.
We are the generation that will change the world!

However, before anyone can do that,
We need to change OURSELVES.

How to make the first step and when to make a first step?
Right now, I would just sit back and wait for the opportunity to come.
When the timing is right, it's the time to STRIKE!

Somehow, deep inside my heart.
There's an urge that a great life is waiting for me in the future.
That's what i hope for..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogging is no longer something I do everyday...

When i start to blog few months back,
I'm actively blog about anything, everything.
It's doesn't matter my daily happening, weird stuff or etc,
I type it out for my amusement...

Right now, updating blog = counting day by day..
I do not have the will or gut to blog for this semester as time is running out FAST!
One blog = One day has passed by..

Already in the Mid of WEEK 5..
Midterm is just around the corner..

Cyberjaya is not really a safe place to stay anymore..
Rumour says that Cyberjaya already has student get infected with H1N1..
Other than that, air quality is deteriorating with haze problem..

Can Cyberjaya life be anymore suck than this?
I hope it CANT!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lazy Sunday..

Week 5 is coming in a few hours time..
What I have been doing this past 4 weeks?
Again, Procrastination..
Living a life without any ambition..

No dreams, No goal, No motivation..

Which to be hardworking..
Would not postpone everything or anything to the very last minute..
Soon, Midterm will be coming soon..

If I blow up my coursework mark once again,
Nigthmare will come and haunt me once again..

There's a devil in every human kind..
It's a matter of good against evil..
When the good triumph over the evil, the angel rules..
When the evil triumph over the angel, the devil rules..

Live is Evil..
Evil is Live..

It's just a matter of interpretation..
It's depend on your point of view..

Success or Failure is in our hand..

Grab it when the opportunity comes..

Friday, July 10, 2009

H1N1 in serious situation in my place!

Places near MMU Cyberjaya are getting infected by H1N1..
I wonder how long will it takes for it to come to my campus..
Or spread to OLD TOWN...

Cyberjaya Office is INFECTED!

Seri Kembangan school are CLOSED!

Will MMU Cyberjaya get closed one day??
Only time will tell..
Perhaps 1 week voluntarily HOLIDAY???

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Msia Government, Shallow minded??

Guess what's the headline of the newspaper today?

It's about Education system in Malaysia..

In 2003, Malaysia government was eager to change the language of teaching Science and Mathematic to English..

It was to enchance competitiveness in the world for the student in the future..

Right now, they revert back their decision on that and implementing Bahasa Malaysia in teaching Mathematic and Science..

When the situation is improving slightly for the student to adapt to English, now they are changing back to the old way..

The reason??

Rural area student can't cope with this system.

They failed for their paper in Mathematic and Science..

They should have expected this will happen when they start to change the system..

For those who are learning Mathematic and Science in English right now, how they can cope with the change to Bahasa Malaysia?

Why can't they just help rural student more than to switch back to Bahasa Malaysia?

Malaysia can ever challenge other country?
I doubt it..

Greedy-ness?? MJ soul back to Neverland??

As usual, wednesday morning is Old Town day?
I think been going Old Town for breakfast for few week already..
Have Kopi-O so that I wont get sleepy in the class for today..

Back to campus, there's Nescafe truck again...
Yeah! Free Nescafe!
Drink 2 more cup..
After that, I'm feeling dizzy already..
Too many caffeine at 1 go is not a good thing i guess..
It's like PMS people drinking cold water? LOL

MJ soul back to Neverland?? Doing moonwalk???

From what I see, It does look very real..
No offense but I think it's fake..
I see another shadow on the floor though..
It's just my opinion on that..
Just enjoy the clip..

Rest in peace,
Micheal Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

DimSum as Chinese brunch..

Sunday morning..
Been planning to have breakfast from 10.++am..
Delay, delay and more delay...
Waiting people to wake up one by one..

Finally reach a conclusion to eat dim sum at 11.++am
And i thought, almost noon already, still got dimsum??

My doubt is cleared..
When we reach there about 1pm, the shop is having FULL HOUSE!
Imagine double story shop + another bottom lot beside..
All also full already..

It's already lunch time and there are people going in to have dim sum..
And I thought Bak Kut Teh is most Chinese people lunch.. LOL

12 people having dim sum together.. Not bad as for lunch even though it's quite expensive..
After dim sum, went back to Cyber and have an ice-cream..

What a life that is.. For a moment, it's very enjoyable..

Anyway, while going for dimsum, I come across an old song..
A song that kinda remind me of the past...
In my opinion, it's a very nice song even though it's a sad song..

Hope you all will enjoy this song..

Usher - Burn

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday already!

What am I trying to do?
Seem like counting day by day..
It's now Sunday again..
Week 4 start tomorrow..
So i have already studied for almost 1 month already??
Seem like i'm still in Holiday mood..

To clear up my previous post..
Expert says that the freakish thing is actually tubifex worm..
Well, I got no idea what kind of worm that is..
Is looks like millions of worm sticking to one and another to form the blob...
It's said that the worm is normally found in dirty pipe or something..

Hmm.. Might it be some disguise actually??
Something nasty hidden in the blob?
If only some one will take it up and cut it into half..
If it's really just worm, then no harm done..
But if it's some kind of creepy creature inside,
Maybe that's is the end of human civilization.. =.=

Friday, July 3, 2009

50th post! Let make it interesting! Alien Invasion???

This is something I bump into when I was surfing the internet yesterday..
Yesterday just when I was browsing YOUTUBE,
I came across this video..
At that time, it was only about 1million ++ viewer..
Today, it got almost 4.5 million viewer!!

Check this out!
Well hidden inside a sewer...
Looks like it's breathing, expanding and shrinking..
Some kind of alien's egg waiting to be hatched??

Well, you decide..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

WTF?! The World Turn uʍop-ǝpıs-dn??

What's going on in this world??
Anything not as it seems to be anymore!!!

What's the hell is wrong??


The hot girl in Transformer sequel is a MALE!!
He/She has his/her sex changed!!!

What a bummer!
She was so freaking HOT!!
But he's a GUY??


OH... MEGAN FOX!!!!!! SHE is Mitchell Reed Fox!!!! A MALE!!! T_T

End of Thursday, End of Lab 3 of Mini P

Counting down right now might sound too soon..
But just cant help it but to think about time is running out..

Seem like alot of things waiting for me to do..
However, there aint any spirit to do it..

Today progress of the Mini P is not too bad..
At least finish Lab 3 things..
Correct or not is a different story..
As long as we got some result...

Was thinking about the upcoming trip..
First should be TC ice-breaking trip..

Don't really know where are we going this time..
But don't really care as long as the crazy gang are together..

Next trip should be Langkawi..
Haven't been there before in my life..
So it's a good opportunity to stop by..
In addition to that, I'll be FLYING to there..

This will be the second time I'm on a plane.. ^^

Hope everyone will have a great time together...
Those might be the last trip in this semester year..

But who know, "Student nowadays book air ticket like drink water".. LOL
Maybe few month later, we might be going some where else again..

Joining TC is a good choice in my life.. But bad thing for my wallet..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half of Week 3..

It's now Wednesday..

So fast gonna finish WEEK 3.
Was busy with all kind of stuff...
Hardly get enough sleep or rest..

Tomorrow supposingly class free day..
But still gotta go to lab to do Mini P stuff..
Never been so hardworking in my life..

Maybe this is the start of something good?
Try to be hardworking?
For the First time, I did my tutorial before the class..
Coz gotta pass it up before the class start..
So no choice.. Have to do it at least abit..

Gotta get more sleep tonite and start doing reports tomorrow...