Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt

Can anyone taste the sweetness in the salt?
What am I talking about?
Salt is of course taste salty right?

You are wrong~!
Salt might be salty for some but at the same time, might be sweet for another.
It's just like people like bittergourd but some, they just hate it!

Every human in this world is different in their own way.
Even twins wont be exactly the same.
When you know them, you can distinguish them.

It depend on how you look into the matter.

Today, I get some tips of life.
My Law lecturer shares some experience of her own.

We are the new generation.
We are the generation that will change the world!

However, before anyone can do that,
We need to change OURSELVES.

How to make the first step and when to make a first step?
Right now, I would just sit back and wait for the opportunity to come.
When the timing is right, it's the time to STRIKE!

Somehow, deep inside my heart.
There's an urge that a great life is waiting for me in the future.
That's what i hope for..

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