Sunday, July 5, 2009

DimSum as Chinese brunch..

Sunday morning..
Been planning to have breakfast from 10.++am..
Delay, delay and more delay...
Waiting people to wake up one by one..

Finally reach a conclusion to eat dim sum at 11.++am
And i thought, almost noon already, still got dimsum??

My doubt is cleared..
When we reach there about 1pm, the shop is having FULL HOUSE!
Imagine double story shop + another bottom lot beside..
All also full already..

It's already lunch time and there are people going in to have dim sum..
And I thought Bak Kut Teh is most Chinese people lunch.. LOL

12 people having dim sum together.. Not bad as for lunch even though it's quite expensive..
After dim sum, went back to Cyber and have an ice-cream..

What a life that is.. For a moment, it's very enjoyable..

Anyway, while going for dimsum, I come across an old song..
A song that kinda remind me of the past...
In my opinion, it's a very nice song even though it's a sad song..

Hope you all will enjoy this song..

Usher - Burn


yeimei said...

I know where is the dim sum place! It's at Puchong! Whahaha..nice dim sum~~ ^_^

Siew5 said...

wow... smart leh u.. haha.. i guess my description for that shop is too good dy.. seem like advertising for them.. haha

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