Friday, July 24, 2009

"Datukship" problem again?

Getting "Datukship" recognition is like some prestigious award..
It used to be given to those who has contributed a lot in our country..
However, things are getting out of hand..

"Datukship" can be given to anyone, anytime, and anyhow..
Few months ago, there was a big fuss over "datukship"..

Shah Rukh Khan, who's obviously not a Malaysian, was somehow given "Datukship" to him..
Without contributing anything to Malaysia, everyone wonders what the hell was going on..
This is due to the narrow minded of the authorities..
They are doing anything, whatever they want..

Now, a bunch of nut head, is trying to get Amri Yahyah his own "datukship".
Some may ask, Who the heck is him anyway?

FYI, he's the football player representing Malaysia squad..
He's the one the has scored past two goal against MANCHESTER UNITED( EPL champion )
For that, people are trying to give him a "datukship"..

Malaysian can really goes into the world record for the craziest, silliest suggestion ever!

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