Thursday, July 30, 2009

I survived Week 7!!!

WOW.. I'm still breathing..
I still got a life here..
This Week 7 is a week I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER!

Recap of this week happening :
Monday I had my first Midterm of this trimester..
As expected, it doesn't went smoothly..
Just keep my finger cross, hoping for the best!

Tuesday onward, I had been doing my Mini P stuff..
Finally get to reduce the noise in my project..
We can hear quite clear of the music but there's just music..
We can't hear the singer sings..

I guess this is where our enchancement should be..
Make the singer voice to be heard!

Luck is with me when i get to run my schematic on my first try..
Even though I don't know exactly the graph should looks like..
But still, I get a graph from my circuit.. ^^

Luck wasn't with me when the book i borrowed from the library has WAY passed the due date.
Get fined RM7.20!

Friday, schematic and circuit giving out thing it should be..
Ended up nicely.. Effort pays off..
And so, my weekend conclude with TC Ice Breaking trip to Tambun & Sungkai.

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