Sunday, August 2, 2009

TC Ice Breaking Trip! Here's the preview!

Tourism Club(TC) Annual Ice-Breaking Trip
Tambun Lost World and Sungkai Hot Spring.
Hahaha.. Let me be the first person to upload picture this time!
Due to limited picture I have, I would like to say this post as PREVIEW!

It's start from Ipoh town..

Dunno why Nic scream like that... Kim pinched you huh??? =P

These picture is upside down because you need to turn your head to see it!

***Not taken by me! I upload only.. xD

This is not upside-downed because he was asked to fake it! LOL

This is 1 crazy cow.. Same like its owner..

Memory from the trip.. Scar of abuse..

Pinched by SOMEONE with SHARP nails!

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