Friday, August 14, 2009

H1N1, Be Gone!!

I'm on the route of recovery!
Even though got some cough, with little phlegm and a bit of flu..
Fever comes and goes..
But eat few more medicine, i should be as fit as a fiddle.. =P
Hopefully my immune system is building up so that I wont be sick for a couples of month..

Wish to thank my friend that asked for my condition..
Wish to thank my friend that wished me for fast recovery..
Haha.. Better than getting nothing.. xD

H1N1 has scared the hell out of everyone..
One cough or sneeze, everyone will be afraid of you..

However, one one cough and sneeze cannot be looked lightly..

People around me are falling sick one by one..

The weather, the haze, the whole environment is making everyone sick!

So, if you all got nothing better to do..
Just stay at home and enjoy some sleeping time rather than going here and there..

And for my friend that getting sick, please take good care of yourselves ..
Drink more water and rest well..
Wish the best for you all..

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whsy said...

hey you! get well soon!


*dropping by from nuffnang*

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