Sunday, August 9, 2009

H1N1 - How to prevent?

First of all, Midterm break will be officially over in about 5 hours..
As usual, I just waste my holiday loitering around and not doing anything beneficial..

Never study for my midterm, never do the assignment Question yet..
So much do to in this week..

So back to H1N1 Influenza..
This is getting alot of attention worldwide..
In Malaysia, there are death of more than 10 victim..

Even though the infection can be cured when treatment is done as fast as possible..
But children and senior citizens are more vulnerable to death..
From the news, most death due to H1N1 are children and old people..

Here's some funny experience I would like to share..
Last FRiday, I was in KTM train going to Petaling station..
From Seremban, the train was not fully occupied..
I do see some passengers are well-equppied with mask..
It's normal as the says goes, "Better safe than sorry"..

When the train reaches Kajang station, everyone was squeezed like sardin in a big can..
Here's something which get my attention..
As all Malaysian knows, KTM is ALWAYS full of passenger..
Those smart people will wear mask to prevent H1N1..
Not so smart people??

They are using jacket to cover their nose..
One lady was even more funny..
She was using the train ticket to cover her nose!

I know H1N1 is very dangerous..
But if you are so afraid of it, just buy a proper mask and wear it..
Using jacket or ticket wont help much..
Both have been exposed to alot of virus before that..

I wonder, next time I go out..
What other will use to cover their nose??
Maybe some leaves or newspaper..

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