Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Seventh of 15 Malaysia

This is something meaningful..
When i was watching it, it was talking about tanah..
I thought it was like Halal crap again..
No offence, but i do think that is a very bad video made..
Well, other do like it though..
So, this is just because of difference point of view..

As I said, it start with Tanah, follows by Air..
When this two combine, it becomes Lumpur..
Lumpur is just some representation of something useless or unpure..

Two equation can represent all :

Tanah + Air = Lumpur - Bribery = One Malaysia
Tanah + Air = Lumpur - Rasicm = One Malaysia

Can we solve the equation???


Colin said...

From the equation,

Bribery = Rasicm = Bad things = Many other bad things that should be eliminated.

Siew5 said...

Bribery destroy the trust of us to the government..
Racism destroy the trust of each other..

Thanks for visiting my blog.. =)

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