Sunday, August 30, 2009

~~Mysterious Death~~

Ever wonder why we see COCKROACHES die on their back?
Is it they will use up their last breath just to flip upside down??

This is the reason why : -

First, few cockroaches die on their backs in the wild.
Natural death of cockroaches probably occurs in the stomach of a bird, bat or other small animal.

Second, Cockroaches are not used to living on a polished marble or vinyl floor. They are more used to a ruguous living plane including leaves and sticks and other vegetable debris. Thus when a cockroach finds itself on its back (by some mistake in its orienteering) it may have trouble righting itself if there is not debris around to grab hold of with its legs.
**Try it, put a cockroach on its back on a polished floor with and without some crinkled paper**

Third, often we come across dead cockroaches in buildings that have died of insecticide. Most of these insecticides are organophosphate nerve poisons. The nerve poison often inhibits cholinesterase, an enzyme that breaks down acetyl choline (ACh), a neurotransmitter. With extra ACh in the nervous system, the cockroach has muscular spasms which often result in the cockroach flipping on its back. Without muscular coordination the cockroach cannot right itself and eventually dies in its upside down-position.

Very scientific isnt it?? =D


Viya said...

thanks for your sharing. It had cleared my doubt which has been carrying for few years. ^^

Siew5 said...

no problem! this has been bugging me as well.. =)

d2z said...

nice info..never think to google about this at all.. :D

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