Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1 wannabe or H1N1 Survivor?

The day started out nicely..
Except my throat was inflammed even worse than a day before..

When on the way going to campus, I guess I caught a cold due to the humid weather..
Not feeling well whole day long..

At the end, when I was having my lab session,
I got chased out by the lecturer in charged..
I was reluctant to leave actually..
I din't know that there were people who are not leaving even though they were asked to..
I just know that 1 guy had left the lab because the lecturer said so..

Went to a clinic to have a check..
Costed me RM40..
The doctor said that I was having slight fever only..
Nothing to worry about..
Just rest well and should be feel much better..
However, if the fever never subside by Saturday,
I have to go for another check-up..

Hopefully, I will be much better after eat the medicine..
Tomorrow going to have a quiz and next week gonna have to exam..

**Sorry for losing my temper at my friends (except the bird-u deserve it)**

What I heard about H1N1 symptom :
High fever
Alot of phlegm
Cough like you going to die soon
Sneeze like your nose going to drop out

If you got these symptom, I not sure you can be cured or not..
However, prevention is definitely better than cure..
Take good care and keep hygiene..

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