Monday, August 17, 2009

Requirement to become a lecturer..

What is the main criteria to become a good lecturer??
High Educated?
Ph.D graduate?
Good looking? Smart looking?

For me, MOST important is good command of English..
It's true you can't teach if you are not educated..

HOWEVER, you still CAN'T teach if your English suck!

It's not easy to become a good lecturer nowadays..
But if you would like to teach other, please brush up your English..

So.. sO.. SO.... is the only vocabulary one's can use?

That's why I like attending Law..
Even the subject not that nice..
But at least I like the lecturer teachs..

**Since my English is poor. I wont choose to become lecturer or teacher.. I dont want to destroy other's life**

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qirxie said...

Agreed with you.
A lecturer must have a very good communication skills.

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