Friday, August 28, 2009

Existence of ALIEN???

Finally, some "real" prove of ALIEN existence!!!

It's said that the Alien-like creature was caught with a farmer's trap in MEXICO!
This is also related with the sighting of UFO around that area..

The farmer who caught it, drown the creature to dead..
Not long later, the farmer was killed in a car with EXTREME high temperature..

Maybe some kind of revenge for the creature???

Here's the short clip of the creature.. Looks like some kind of monkey..

However, report says that his body structure give leave some question marks on researcher..
For details information :


Viya said...

i saw the same video in other blog. is it real?

Siew5 said...

hi viya.. well, i not so sure about it too.. it might be some hoax or it might be the real thing.. or it even might be some kind of new species found but with his close resemblance with an alien, then it's has created a buzz.. thansk for visiting my blog.. =)

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