Thursday, August 23, 2018

6 years have gone

It had been 6 years since the last post.
As how life evolves, people come and go.
Nothing last forever.
Flower bloom and wither.
Memories are made and been forgotten.
Distance travelled yet did not make it far.

In a blink of an eye, I'm approaching 31 years old.
If I set my lifespan at 60 years old, I'm at the middle of my journey.
With regrets that I had.
With mistake that I made.
With people that I get to know.
With places that I went.
With action that I did.
With words that I had spoken.
I wished that I could make it all go away.

If only the life is a video game.
If only the life is a box of chocolate.
If only the life is a bed of roses.
If only the life is never ending fairy tales.

How much I wished for things to be different.
I would be a different person right now.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today is Mid-Autumn Day.
The day memories flow right back at me.

I miss the moment when my beloved Grandma will be serving me pieces of pamelo.
She knew that pamelo is my favourite, so she will always get them ready when I am back to home-sweet-home.
As for this year, I don't get any pamelo..
I din't even get to have a proper meal with my family member.

I still remember my Grandma once cut open the pamelo and the skin put on my head as a hat.
My dearest Grandma, I will always miss you.
Please forgive this unfilial grandson.
Never once treat you good enough..

Happy Mid-Autumn Day / Happy Lantern Day..
I hope you on the other side is living a carefree day..

外婆, 我爱你..

Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's been AWHILE that I have written anything..
Same goes to most of my friends whom we share the common goal, write a bunch of crap and try to get unique visitors, for $ sake!
Well, I guess we have abandoned this activity as most of us are earning big bucks.
Every month with steady income.. No longer need to spend our time and squueeezzzeeeee or brain juice just to entertain reader.

Suddenly, I blurly remember what I have written throughout this few years time.
From hatred blog, to happy-story sharing, to photography session and blog just to join competition and of course winning some stuff, along the way.
It was great even though I was no successful blogger.
It was great as I am able to share my thoughts if there's anyone who interested to read on.
It was great that my friends and I did share the common activity together.

So what was this blogging is about?
It was passion.
Passion for me to write something and share to my friends.
Passion to do something to reach towards a goal.

It is always easiest to do something that we like.
Everyone knows that we will be excited about our work, our daily job, our task if we love what we are doing.
Everyday wake up fresh in the morning and head-to-head against the challenge lies ahead.
But how many of us are having our dream job?

Where is my passion now?
What do I like to do? Love to do?
I am just living a life, just to fulfill my responsibility, to carry this burden on my shoulder.
Looking at the stars in the night, and I wonder what my life is heading to?
Towards a bright shinning future? Or towards the uncertainty?

Everyday starts with frustration, Everyday ends with disappointment.
When the opportunity knocks on the door for a change, I have given up the chance.
I thought of a greatest excuse of all, for friendship, for not being a total jerk who just left people who has trusted upon me.
But deep inside, I knew that I am not ready to leave.
There are things that I couldn't let go and leave.
I am not willing to let go.

I should hold on to this and break away from the typical Malaysian, who don't do much reading!
It's time to open my eyes and look for every possibility!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

K-Drama Fever!

 As weird as it might sound, I am addicted to Korean Dramas!
With nothing much to do, with HK drama quality is at their worst, and a lot more time to waste,
I have chose to watch the sequel of Dream High: Dream High 2.
Unlike Dream High 1, Dream High 2 has a totally different approach to the plot.
At first, I was expecting nothing much different compared to the first one.
However, I was wrong.

The actors and actresses are all new faces; only JYP is the only one in the movie.
Of course, still can see Kim Soo Hyun, and of course, IU, being cameo for the drama.
 As usual, every episode of K-Drama is about one hour and about 20 episodes for one drama series.
Dream High 2 is a 16 episodes drama. Long? I don't think so as the drama will seem to finish before you know it. =)

 Just finish another one, Love Rain!
Awesome drama! Yes, it's lovey dovey, love story.
Surprisingly, I do buy this kind of drama. XD.
Would recommend anyone to watch this drama.

Jang Keun Suk and Yoona do make a very cute couple.
Other than that, the whole drama was captured beautifully.

Yoona is definitely a must watch!
I never knew who she was until I watch this movie.
SNSD totally rocks! =)

Spoiler alert!
The drama has a happy ending! Yay!.. LOL
Oh yeah, the songs in the drama do make you find for them and download them and make you listen to them over and over again.
The power of Korean Drama!
Much better than HK and TWN.. =)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The song says it all.. =(

Seriously, why my life is turning to be like this..
Sick and tired of all this shits!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shout Out!

Wow.. It's been really so freaakkkiinnggg long!
Last post was 14 October 2011!
It's more than half a year I have not post a single post..

I have stepped into working life for almost a year now..
Well, two months to go and it'll be official one year time!
I am glad that I am able to adapt to my working environment.
I am really glad that I am able to mix around with my colleague.

2012 has not been good to me.
I really wonder if this year will be a terrible year for me.
Performance drop.
Learning curve stagnant.
Working my @$$ off but doesn't get any result at all.
Worst of all, the person that looks after me since the very first day I was born, my grandma, passed away.

When everything is just suck, I will always look upon the sky and think if my grandma is watching upon me..
Far far away, I know that she'll bless me and that really keep me going on.
I wonder if i need to go through all this just to train myself when walk is getting tough.
My life might not been a bed of roses nor a box of chocolate but...
My life has been carefree days when nothing much will really troubles me and gets into my head.
I guess, it's time for a change.

It's time to grow up.
Held up the responsibilities put on me.

"If you never plan your life, you are planning to fail"
It's meaningful but how many of us can walk the talk?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Seasons of Changes

There's is Chinese saying - People will change, The Moon will be round..
It's just simply as people will change just like the Moon changes from day to day..
It's funny how things can change so drastically, it takes only short period of time...
How much trust can you put upon someone?

I am always been a cautious person..
I am playing it safe..
At most, I am just giving other 50% of my trust, and in return, I am hoping for 50% from their trust..

I am not a very trustworthy kind of guy, but I will try to hold on to my words.
It's easier not to just promise anything or anyone than to break the promise.

I am pretty much a thinker.. Not a doer..
All I do is think, analyse, solve.. In times, predict, assume, suspect..
What would you do when the thing that you thought it would be happens, has happened?
It something that I shouldn't concern with but somehow, it never gets out of my mind..

Trust my instinct and learn to be smart..