Friday, October 14, 2011

Seasons of Changes

There's is Chinese saying - People will change, The Moon will be round..
It's just simply as people will change just like the Moon changes from day to day..
It's funny how things can change so drastically, it takes only short period of time...
How much trust can you put upon someone?

I am always been a cautious person..
I am playing it safe..
At most, I am just giving other 50% of my trust, and in return, I am hoping for 50% from their trust..

I am not a very trustworthy kind of guy, but I will try to hold on to my words.
It's easier not to just promise anything or anyone than to break the promise.

I am pretty much a thinker.. Not a doer..
All I do is think, analyse, solve.. In times, predict, assume, suspect..
What would you do when the thing that you thought it would be happens, has happened?
It something that I shouldn't concern with but somehow, it never gets out of my mind..

Trust my instinct and learn to be smart..

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