Friday, April 30, 2010

Damn it! Labour!

Labour day..
None of my business just yet..
I'm still a student..
Who will be having final examination soon..
With low self-control..

Library is my second home for study week..
It's closed down today for Labour..
I know those librarians work very hard everyday..
Check in and out the books..
Looks at facebook from 9am-12pm..
Get scolded by IS.. (Who do you think you are!)
CT for the most updated movie..
DL the most updated movie..
Watch the most updated movie..
Tough life indeed..

Right now, just facing the laptop...
Doing nothing...
O% progress..

Thursday, April 29, 2010


All I can say is that,


Don't think it can be any more dumb than this..

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm "ALL IN"

Just a simple video clip...

Are you "ALL IN"?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day : 22/04/2010

Finally, after dragged for so long..
"Earth Day" is here..
Delay from so long ago...
No doubt that the organizer put alot of effort for this..
That's why no matter what the future holds,
we have to carry on with the event..

Mark your calendar people!
10 years later, 22/04/2020 will the WAWASAN 2020..
That's when the memories will be unearthed!

I wonder how much of us will remain..
I wonder how much of us will remember..
22/04 is a special day for the world!
So we should be glad that Earth Day is Memory Day..

My friends,
See you in 22/04/2020 at the "place only we know"
And hopefully, it will still be there..
And we are still as a group..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me is pathetic..
You are MORE pathetic..

They are most pathetic

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lollipop.. My kind of puppy love..

An inspirational movie by Mr. Lembu!! (It took me awhile to think how to spell lembu.. xD)
This Ah Niu work is nice to watch..
Reminds me of playing marbles..
Reminds me of keeping fighting fish of my own..
Reminds me of ICE KACANG..
OH wait.. I don't like ice kacang..

So instead of Ice kacang puppy love,
I would like to call mine, Lollipop puppy love... LOL?!
It's sweet when you first suck on it..
But as the time goes by, your tongue will get numb due to the sweetness..
When the lollipop is finished, all that left is the skinny bone..
Either you throw it or you chew the stick until it's unchewable anymore.. xD

Don't get me wrong.. I don't have such a good girlfriend companion since I'm small.
My childhood - NO girls in my life..
Even though, from time to time, I do peep at those cute girls.. hahaha..
It's just for self pleasure.. (sounds wrong???)
Something that keep me motivated to go for classes everyday..
Something that keep my world goes round..

Those are the memory..
When people get older, and we getting smarter..
We tend to lose that childishness..
No more lollipop..
No more popsicles..

What other think of us, is the main factor that refrain ourselves from doing something stupid..
We have to go with the flow to be accepted in the society..
Even though it's not our style, we are straying off course..

The movie 2012 is just a fictional movie...
But with catastrophe happening all around the world, we really cannot predict what will happen next..
Mayb one day, the Earth will split into half..
Instead we are country/continent apart, we might be SPACES apart.. i mean the outer space..

Life is short.. Enjoy will it last..
Consider the future when the future comes..
Coz now, I'm holding on to the present..
The present that I receive everyday when I open my eyes..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog, Blogging, Blogged

Today, so much goes into my mind..
So much stuff that I would like to blog about..
Some is about myself..
Some is about other-selves..
Some is non related stuff..

Some will create controversy..
Since someone willing to take it all in and swallow it all in..
So I guess, I should do the same thing..
Since everything has passed by, no use talking about it anymore..

I'm here to blog non related PERSON..
I'm an eavesdropper! I'm a SPY!
I listen to what other talk to themselves..
And I make a fun out of it..

Here is what I like to share..
This is a theory by a f@T @sS..
When you SIT on the toilet bowl, alot of things will go into your mind..
I don't really know what they thinking though..
"What I have eaten that causes me to SHIT now???"
"Why is my SHIT so hard to come out???"
"I never eat any vege???"
"I eat alot of chocolate???"

I guess that is what have been playing within their minds..
That is the reason they wont flush the toilet CLEANLY..
Or not even bother to flush at all..
The indifferent of human nature is despicable!
The reason for human's downfall...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My work is featured in two famous blog!!!

My photography skill has reached a new level!
Why do I say so?
Here is the reason why!

The first famous blogger!
Mr. Tan Yee Kean:
The Nuffnang blogger that always get the free treats!

This picture is captured in Dong Chan Si..
Hope this photo will be his winning post for Ip Man movie premier!
Read more at Here
Next blogger is :
Ms. Tan Yin Fung!
The Nuffnang blogger that create controvery with anything and everything!

Building a better world for Children..

This picture is taken to test shot with my not-so-new-because-it-it second-hand 35mm 1.8 prime lens.. =)
Read more at Here

For those who think the famous blogger is SMashPop, @nna Rin@, Kid Chan or etc.. Sorry to you guys..
The famous blogger I meant was among my own community.. xD
Their blogs have the highest traffic among all my friends.. hahaha

Friday, April 9, 2010


I dare to say that I might be the most temperamental guy you ever meet..
Emotion swings as fast as girls do.. Even without the PMS excuse..
Being over-sensitive at times and Being absolutely ignorant most of the time..
Someone who judge other through the first impression..
The book is judged by its cover..
No matter how good you are.. Don't act as a smart ass and stick your nose into other people's business..
Just do your own work and get it done...

Random thought of a deprived-sleep-kind-of-guy..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Memoirs is now remains as memory...

As a new committee, I only start busy from last Tuesday..
All I do was doing work..
Carry stuff.. Carry more stuff.. And do more stuff..
There goes few of my days..

Enjoy the event though..
Can take picture during free time..
Can get to know few friends as well as know some 'MTFK" kind of people..
Doesn't matter la..
As long as I done my part..
Don't mess with me or you will get it..

With those people think so great/highly of themselves..
Just STFU.. You boastful shit..

Fashion show was quite a success..
Hope those spectators enjoy it..

Hopefully picture will be uploaded soon.. xD

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Memoirs : Photo Exhibiton

So, this is the deal..
Multimedia University is having an event about photography..
The event's name is MEMOIRS : Walk Through the Time..
There are exhibition of photos by the participants of phototaking competition, judges/speakers and some extraordinary picture from Nikon Inc. Malaysia..
It is a 3 days event start from 1st of April until 3rd of April..
2nd of April will be the official grand opening of the exhibition..

The ceremony will starts from 2.30pm..
There will be a special screening of Memoirs official movie..
** Yeah, they even made a movie for this exhibition.. xD**
Special thanks for Eric Lai
It will be followed by Nikon's Presentation(Nikon is the main sponsor for the event)
Next, will the a talk by Edwin Tan about tips for wedding photography..
Don't miss the talk for better photo quality!

Edwin Tan website - Click Here

Saturday, 3rd of April will be the climax of the event..
We will be having event from noon right until night!
From 12pm onwards, there will be a Light Make up performance, collaboration with Whitney Academy.
It's followed by Photobook Malaysia's Presentation and Award Ceremony.
2pm onwards, there will be a Light Make up performance, collaboration with Whitney Academy.
4.30pm will be a talk by Ricky Lew on photography tips and tricks!
7.30pm will be a Fashion Show, collaboration with Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) and Whitney Academy.
Pretty girls is everywhere!!!

For more detail, do visit this website MEMOIRS