Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog, Blogging, Blogged

Today, so much goes into my mind..
So much stuff that I would like to blog about..
Some is about myself..
Some is about other-selves..
Some is non related stuff..

Some will create controversy..
Since someone willing to take it all in and swallow it all in..
So I guess, I should do the same thing..
Since everything has passed by, no use talking about it anymore..

I'm here to blog non related PERSON..
I'm an eavesdropper! I'm a SPY!
I listen to what other talk to themselves..
And I make a fun out of it..

Here is what I like to share..
This is a theory by a f@T @sS..
When you SIT on the toilet bowl, alot of things will go into your mind..
I don't really know what they thinking though..
"What I have eaten that causes me to SHIT now???"
"Why is my SHIT so hard to come out???"
"I never eat any vege???"
"I eat alot of chocolate???"

I guess that is what have been playing within their minds..
That is the reason they wont flush the toilet CLEANLY..
Or not even bother to flush at all..
The indifferent of human nature is despicable!
The reason for human's downfall...


nn said...

people who didnt flush the toilet after using it = filthy

Siew5 said...

i guess every toilet they go, they treat them as public toilet.. depressing indeed..

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