Monday, April 19, 2010

Lollipop.. My kind of puppy love..

An inspirational movie by Mr. Lembu!! (It took me awhile to think how to spell lembu.. xD)
This Ah Niu work is nice to watch..
Reminds me of playing marbles..
Reminds me of keeping fighting fish of my own..
Reminds me of ICE KACANG..
OH wait.. I don't like ice kacang..

So instead of Ice kacang puppy love,
I would like to call mine, Lollipop puppy love... LOL?!
It's sweet when you first suck on it..
But as the time goes by, your tongue will get numb due to the sweetness..
When the lollipop is finished, all that left is the skinny bone..
Either you throw it or you chew the stick until it's unchewable anymore.. xD

Don't get me wrong.. I don't have such a good girlfriend companion since I'm small.
My childhood - NO girls in my life..
Even though, from time to time, I do peep at those cute girls.. hahaha..
It's just for self pleasure.. (sounds wrong???)
Something that keep me motivated to go for classes everyday..
Something that keep my world goes round..

Those are the memory..
When people get older, and we getting smarter..
We tend to lose that childishness..
No more lollipop..
No more popsicles..

What other think of us, is the main factor that refrain ourselves from doing something stupid..
We have to go with the flow to be accepted in the society..
Even though it's not our style, we are straying off course..

The movie 2012 is just a fictional movie...
But with catastrophe happening all around the world, we really cannot predict what will happen next..
Mayb one day, the Earth will split into half..
Instead we are country/continent apart, we might be SPACES apart.. i mean the outer space..

Life is short.. Enjoy will it last..
Consider the future when the future comes..
Coz now, I'm holding on to the present..
The present that I receive everyday when I open my eyes..

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