Friday, April 30, 2010

Damn it! Labour!

Labour day..
None of my business just yet..
I'm still a student..
Who will be having final examination soon..
With low self-control..

Library is my second home for study week..
It's closed down today for Labour..
I know those librarians work very hard everyday..
Check in and out the books..
Looks at facebook from 9am-12pm..
Get scolded by IS.. (Who do you think you are!)
CT for the most updated movie..
DL the most updated movie..
Watch the most updated movie..
Tough life indeed..

Right now, just facing the laptop...
Doing nothing...
O% progress..


Anonymous said...

omg!! why seems like most of the people cannot live without library? LOL

Siew5 said...

anonymous = LXH??
i think only someone like u will kao beh like this.. hahaha

nicholexh said...

u very free hoR? stil got time to update ur blog!??! >.< study la wei

Crystal said...

study plsss!!

ericlai2020 said...

damn..juz woke up...helpppp.....

Siew5 said...

haha.. GOOD LUCK!

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