Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day : 22/04/2010

Finally, after dragged for so long..
"Earth Day" is here..
Delay from so long ago...
No doubt that the organizer put alot of effort for this..
That's why no matter what the future holds,
we have to carry on with the event..

Mark your calendar people!
10 years later, 22/04/2020 will the WAWASAN 2020..
That's when the memories will be unearthed!

I wonder how much of us will remain..
I wonder how much of us will remember..
22/04 is a special day for the world!
So we should be glad that Earth Day is Memory Day..

My friends,
See you in 22/04/2020 at the "place only we know"
And hopefully, it will still be there..
And we are still as a group..

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