Saturday, July 21, 2012

K-Drama Fever!

 As weird as it might sound, I am addicted to Korean Dramas!
With nothing much to do, with HK drama quality is at their worst, and a lot more time to waste,
I have chose to watch the sequel of Dream High: Dream High 2.
Unlike Dream High 1, Dream High 2 has a totally different approach to the plot.
At first, I was expecting nothing much different compared to the first one.
However, I was wrong.

The actors and actresses are all new faces; only JYP is the only one in the movie.
Of course, still can see Kim Soo Hyun, and of course, IU, being cameo for the drama.
 As usual, every episode of K-Drama is about one hour and about 20 episodes for one drama series.
Dream High 2 is a 16 episodes drama. Long? I don't think so as the drama will seem to finish before you know it. =)

 Just finish another one, Love Rain!
Awesome drama! Yes, it's lovey dovey, love story.
Surprisingly, I do buy this kind of drama. XD.
Would recommend anyone to watch this drama.

Jang Keun Suk and Yoona do make a very cute couple.
Other than that, the whole drama was captured beautifully.

Yoona is definitely a must watch!
I never knew who she was until I watch this movie.
SNSD totally rocks! =)

Spoiler alert!
The drama has a happy ending! Yay!.. LOL
Oh yeah, the songs in the drama do make you find for them and download them and make you listen to them over and over again.
The power of Korean Drama!
Much better than HK and TWN.. =)

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