Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today is Mid-Autumn Day.
The day memories flow right back at me.

I miss the moment when my beloved Grandma will be serving me pieces of pamelo.
She knew that pamelo is my favourite, so she will always get them ready when I am back to home-sweet-home.
As for this year, I don't get any pamelo..
I din't even get to have a proper meal with my family member.

I still remember my Grandma once cut open the pamelo and the skin put on my head as a hat.
My dearest Grandma, I will always miss you.
Please forgive this unfilial grandson.
Never once treat you good enough..

Happy Mid-Autumn Day / Happy Lantern Day..
I hope you on the other side is living a carefree day..

外婆, 我爱你..

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