Thursday, July 2, 2009

End of Thursday, End of Lab 3 of Mini P

Counting down right now might sound too soon..
But just cant help it but to think about time is running out..

Seem like alot of things waiting for me to do..
However, there aint any spirit to do it..

Today progress of the Mini P is not too bad..
At least finish Lab 3 things..
Correct or not is a different story..
As long as we got some result...

Was thinking about the upcoming trip..
First should be TC ice-breaking trip..

Don't really know where are we going this time..
But don't really care as long as the crazy gang are together..

Next trip should be Langkawi..
Haven't been there before in my life..
So it's a good opportunity to stop by..
In addition to that, I'll be FLYING to there..

This will be the second time I'm on a plane.. ^^

Hope everyone will have a great time together...
Those might be the last trip in this semester year..

But who know, "Student nowadays book air ticket like drink water".. LOL
Maybe few month later, we might be going some where else again..

Joining TC is a good choice in my life.. But bad thing for my wallet..

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