Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Investment, Risk worth to take?

Lately, there's a lot of investment thingy going on around me..
The more I'm exposed to these, the more I'm interested with investment.

I'm a total amateur about investment..
I don't know anything about investment..
What to invest, which to invest, how to invest and when to invest?
I guess I should start learning how to do some small investment..

Of course, investment got its own risk..

Quote of the day,

The higher the return, the higher the risk!
Shorter the investment, the higher the risk.
Longer the investment, the safer it would be.

Right now, doing small investment I dont think it's a bad idea.
Just playing it small, I think it would be good for me.
I can gain some experience on it.

However, the problem is do I willing to take the risk?
Do I have the capital to invest in?
What if the investment fail, can i handle the lost?

These are the problem of investment..
At the age of 21, should I start this kind of thing to do?

Anyway, learning to make some investment is not a bad thing..
Start to learn about investment and earn some extra money when the chance comes!

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