Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday already!

What am I trying to do?
Seem like counting day by day..
It's now Sunday again..
Week 4 start tomorrow..
So i have already studied for almost 1 month already??
Seem like i'm still in Holiday mood..

To clear up my previous post..
Expert says that the freakish thing is actually tubifex worm..
Well, I got no idea what kind of worm that is..
Is looks like millions of worm sticking to one and another to form the blob...
It's said that the worm is normally found in dirty pipe or something..

Hmm.. Might it be some disguise actually??
Something nasty hidden in the blob?
If only some one will take it up and cut it into half..
If it's really just worm, then no harm done..
But if it's some kind of creepy creature inside,
Maybe that's is the end of human civilization.. =.=

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ah bird said...

No, human won't get extinct, if that happens pick up the phone and call Birdman, he'll kick some alien asses and save Earth.

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