Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lazy Sunday..

Week 5 is coming in a few hours time..
What I have been doing this past 4 weeks?
Again, Procrastination..
Living a life without any ambition..

No dreams, No goal, No motivation..

Which to be hardworking..
Would not postpone everything or anything to the very last minute..
Soon, Midterm will be coming soon..

If I blow up my coursework mark once again,
Nigthmare will come and haunt me once again..

There's a devil in every human kind..
It's a matter of good against evil..
When the good triumph over the evil, the angel rules..
When the evil triumph over the angel, the devil rules..

Live is Evil..
Evil is Live..

It's just a matter of interpretation..
It's depend on your point of view..

Success or Failure is in our hand..

Grab it when the opportunity comes..

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