Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Survey

This is just some random post for a very random survey..
Stay around and post some comment about your opinion...

What will you do if you have money from RM5000 and below?

Here's my list :

Range from RM4000-RM5000:
Travelling - Taiwan, HongKong, England??
Buy myself a brand new Nikon D90 which would cost about RM4688 for full kit..
Maybe a new laptop too! ^^

Range from RM3000-RM4000:
A brand new Nikon D80 which cost around RM3288 for full kit..
A set of sophisticated CPU with 22inch LCD monitor..
PS3 + Nintendo WII

Range from RM2000-RM3000:
A brand new Nikon D60 which cost around RM2388 for full kit..
A new handphone - SE, Nokia or Iphone..

Range from RM1000-RM2000:
A new handphone - Maybe W995a, Samsung smartphones, still IPhone?
Just make some investment with it..

Nothing much can do already actually..
I'm aiming for something small only..
RM5000 is sufficient for me to spend in this current time..

Do drop comment if you guys can think of anything to spend on with RM5000.

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