Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogging is no longer something I do everyday...

When i start to blog few months back,
I'm actively blog about anything, everything.
It's doesn't matter my daily happening, weird stuff or etc,
I type it out for my amusement...

Right now, updating blog = counting day by day..
I do not have the will or gut to blog for this semester as time is running out FAST!
One blog = One day has passed by..

Already in the Mid of WEEK 5..
Midterm is just around the corner..

Cyberjaya is not really a safe place to stay anymore..
Rumour says that Cyberjaya already has student get infected with H1N1..
Other than that, air quality is deteriorating with haze problem..

Can Cyberjaya life be anymore suck than this?
I hope it CANT!

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