Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Msia Government, Shallow minded??

Guess what's the headline of the newspaper today?

It's about Education system in Malaysia..

In 2003, Malaysia government was eager to change the language of teaching Science and Mathematic to English..

It was to enchance competitiveness in the world for the student in the future..

Right now, they revert back their decision on that and implementing Bahasa Malaysia in teaching Mathematic and Science..

When the situation is improving slightly for the student to adapt to English, now they are changing back to the old way..

The reason??

Rural area student can't cope with this system.

They failed for their paper in Mathematic and Science..

They should have expected this will happen when they start to change the system..

For those who are learning Mathematic and Science in English right now, how they can cope with the change to Bahasa Malaysia?

Why can't they just help rural student more than to switch back to Bahasa Malaysia?

Malaysia can ever challenge other country?
I doubt it..

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