Saturday, January 23, 2010

21 January

This date of the month January, I had passed for 22 times already..
For the first time in my life, I celebrate with more than one person!
Been celebrating with my girlfriend for the last two years or so in Penang most of the time..
It's because my holiday always falls during holiday..

21 January 2010, 12.15am :
Celebrated my birthday with a group of friends at a futsal court..
First time ever!

21 January 2010, around 8pm ++
Surprised party from my friends again in FullHouse, Sunway Pyramid..
So practically I celebrated my birthday TWICE with the same friends..

What more can I asked for?
It's just lucky that I got all these friends..
With them, My life is POLLUTED with all the nasty stuff..
But I'm loving it each and everyday.. =)

Thanks my friends~!

Best part is present!..s
These are the stuffs I get for 21 January 2010!

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