Monday, November 23, 2009

Latest Trend / Fashion.. The Bird Style

I almost forgot about this picture..But then, the trend setter decided to send this picture to me..
No choice but to blog about this guy..

Let me have a brief introduction about him..
He's the so-called "BirdMan"..
He claimed that he's the saviour of mankind..
However, he's as thin as a stick..
In BM, "Orang Lidi"..
Claimed that he's 170cm..
But I'm as 170cm in height, don't think he reach that value..
Would STARVE just to buy branded stuff..
This is the trendiest thing to do..
Go night market WITHOUT sandals or anything on his foot..
Yes, He's the weird one..

This is then ugly way of dressing..
Please don't try this at home!
Unless you want to become a freak!

Upcoming trend :
No sock..
Fold your jean way up..
And the owner MUST BE short..


kenwooi said...

well.. that doesnt look nice.. =P

Siew5 said...

luckily you say it's not nice..
means you are normal.. =))

nicholexh said...

walao!!! bird =.=

luckystrike14 said...

hahaha...that's the bird...

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