Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Been So Long...

Havent been blogging for so many days...
I guess don't have much to talk about lately..

May focus for the new sem is PTPTN Loan will be converted to scholarship if :
Applicant graduate with 1st class honour..
It might be for IPTA only and not IPTS(MMU)
I can no longer pull my result back to 3.67..

If only the budget is out one year earlier..
I'm sure I'll study much harder!

But 'God always like to play with people'
So nothing i can do about it but to study harder..
Hopefully, 2nd upper can get some scrap from the budget plan la...

Now, I got a new toy to play with..
Not something GRAND!
But I'm so much satisfied with it..
Especially I do survey, buy it and play with it all by myself..
Talk about PASSION!
But don't talk about money la.. Wallet bleeding love..
Must remind myself to be satisfied..
Cannot buy anymore things as big season is around the corner..
Gotta start prepare for it already..
I wonder when should I start.. OR when i FINALLY want to start..

It's been rainy day these few weeks..
However, when I'm staying home, it's not raining..
I wonder if it's a joke or something..

Looking forward for two competition ahead..
Pray to GOD that I can get some consolation price la.. xD

If only I win RM5000..

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