Wednesday, November 25, 2009

EEN exam? What is that? Futsal comes first!

What a day..
Stay in library for whole day to study for my Midterm exam..
Put more effort compare to my previous paper..
I guess i seriously gotta stay more in library..
Or else, nothing will go into this small brain... >.<
People with small brain like me gotta work 200% more than other people lo..

Regarding the exam..
Too tired? I also not sure..
Clearly there is 5 DIGIT over there..
With my small eyes, I only see 4..
There goes 8 marks in total..
Blew the whole part away..
Really gotta rest more to study..
But how to rest if I cant always finish study??
Dilemma indeed...

After Exam:
Went for my friend maze..
Yes, It's a maze!
Made in a badminton complex.. With newspaper!
Not bad..
At least keep me trapped inside for 30minute..
Even need people to show me the way out..
The most blur,Yin Funk, also successfully comes out.. =.=

It would be the best game ever is 5 on 5..
Too bad.. Always problemo will arise..
No choice.. When you cant deal with it, then just go with it..
Playing 6-5.. Advantage is always with the team with extra man..
But it still a good game! /GG
My toe injury has gotten worse..
Should rest for the rest of the semester I guess..
Or need some massage to do..

Next stop:
EEN assignment...
No idea how to start...

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Anonymous said...

i whr got blur!!
-not yinfunk

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