Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Astro B.yond PVR, Life Made Easy.. =)

It's been so long ago that I am back to my hometown, Port Dickson!
The first thing I wanted to do is just lay down on the couch and watch Astro..
When away from home, there is only two things I miss the most..
My mum's cooking and of course Astro B.yond PVR!

Ever since I got my hand on the new Astro B.yond PVR, it is my life changing experience.
Everything has became so simple and yet, highly efficiency!
All I want is in my control..
With just click of the button, everything can be change and manipulated..

To my surprised, even my mum get a hang with it.
When I check on the Planner, I get a whole list of Taiwan drama!

** Can you see that even when you access your Planner, you will still be able to watch your current show on the small box!**

Astro has really put a lot of effort in all these small details to make sure the customers enjoy every single one of the services..

See? Still got 275 hours of recording from this 500Gb hard-disk recorder!
I got like almost 2 weeks of entertainment if I used up all 500Gb memory!

By the way, do you realise there is something weird with the program's time?
On the 19 March, the recorder recorded at 10.03am rather than normal timing, 7.03pm.
This is because on 18 March, the decorder couldn't able to record the TV program because the decorder is not switch on.
So, the decorder recognizes this and recorded the repeat of the show the next day which is at 10.03am on 19 March!
Smart gadget indeed?

You know what my mum taught me about?
She told me that you can actually download the whole series by just clicking the the 'R' button twice on the program you wanted!
This will trigger the Astro decorder to record the whole TV series than just recording episode by episode everyday!
I am shocked that my mum learnt how to use this thing in just a short time.

Now who say you can't teach old dog, new trick?
This definitely NOT applicable to my mum! =)

Happy Mother's Day, Mum..
Enjoy the Astro B.yond PVR OK? =)


cayrol said...

the weird thing about astro is when you pay late and ask reconnect they charge you RM20. Though your bill received over due date. I know coz i was ex-astro. :) enjoy....

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Siew5 said...

Hi cayrol.
Thanks for stopping by..
As you said, when you paid late, and the service has been disconnected, I think it is fair for them to charge you an amount. If everyone is paying late and free reconnecting service, I think Astro will have a big problem, don't you think so?
Although I do not agree with RM20 though. Kinda too much, i think.
Anyway, I never had my subscription cut-off because I paid it on time. So I don't have any trouble about that.
Thanks for voicing out your opinion though.. Much appreciated.. =) I will make sure I pay the bill on time!

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