Monday, May 9, 2011

Startup Weekend 2011 - Shutup.. Startup.. Shoutout!

6-8 May 2011

These are the days that might change my life..
By chance, my ignorance + my silliness got me into a big mess.
Suppose I should have back to my hometown to have dinner with my family for Mother's Day.
On Saturday itself, I gotta go for a medical check-up.
But all the plans have to put on hold!

My ignorance got myself into Startup Weekend 2011.

Thanks to Malaysia Entrepreneurs group in Facebook for choosing me to join the Startup Weekend.
It was really valuable experience for me.

Startup Weekend is actually a platform for entrepreneurs that have great idea to share among each other and get it started!
It's really fun to have the opportunity to listen to all the great ideas and of course, working with my team for an cool idea. Noble Idea to be exact! =)
Would like to take this opportunity to my group member for not being able to generates great ideas, not being able to do web design, not being able to do marketing and definitely being idle for all the time.. >.<
But thank you guys for the great experience I had and friendly members.

It's time to move forward in full blast!
It's time to trigger my mind and think to its fullest!
It's time to Shutup, Startup and SHOUTOUT for my dream!

Inspired, Excited, and MOTIVATED!

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