Friday, May 20, 2011

Before and After

5 years ago, I was excited for my first step into my university life..
Told myself that I will make a change..
It's now or never..
First week in my University, I had made a bold move and it will forever stay in my memory..
At least something for me to think about and laugh about in the future..
I get to know a bunch of great friend.. Not close.. But still great..

4 years ago, shifted from Melaka campus to Cyberjaya campus..
Missing Melaka lifestyle all the way until now..
I still prefer Melaka campus library..
In Cyberjaya, I am not that loyal..
Had been changing from this group, to another group..
All never last too long.. But still, I have a bunch of great friends..

3 years ago.. I finally know them all..
Yeah.. You all.. From a group of 12 people or so (CyberP + - others) increase all the way to about 20 during the peak period..
Those time was great.. Everyone is together for each other..
But still, I couldn't make it for everyone's birthday though..
Something I would like to apologise to you all..
My friend are closed and they are great..

2 years ago.. I realised the important of friendship... Thanks to you Eric..
He showed me how brothers should be for brothers..
Friends should be for friends...
Whenever I am having problems or troubles, you guys are the only person I can depend on..
We were sticking together no matter what problem we were facing..
Even this situation..
My friends are just great! And we are just so close together..

Remember we still can have so much fun and laughter?

1 year ago.. This year is actually the first time ever I celebrated my birthday with so many people..
And it's actually my first birthday celebration besides those I celebrated with 33..
Yeah, I never celebrate my birthday before during my primary or secondary..
Even with my family member, I remember I was treated to KFC, I guess.. =)
Thank you guys for celebrating with me..

Start of 2010, I don't think it's a good year..
Everyone go for their internship and go our separates ways..
It's cool that we still could gather together for Graduation of our good friends, LXH and Crystal..
Good things will come to an end..
What happen afterward, I am sure everyone knows..
Everything is not like it used to be..
My friends are still great! But not so close anymore.. Hardly.. =)

Few months back.. No body will bird me, bird you. bird them..
I guess instead of the sadness of going separates ways after we graduate,
we already trained ourselves to separate before graduation..
So that it won't hurt so much like Crystal's farewell?
Will end my MMU life with all you guys..
These will be our memories.. =)

Remember how Langkawi and Cameron Highland trip?
It's nothing spectacular about the places..
But we all did have alot of fun..
Well, at least I am.. =)

Crystal Goh, U are never been forgotten.. =)
Here are the proofs!

How many of us will remember about this day?
Wont refresh your memory.. Just keep in mind what day is that.. =)

Take this chance to apologize to you all who will still read this blog..
I know I got a big attitude problem..
I offended people from time to time..
But I never meant them to be harsh.. Or in a very bad way..
Sometimes, I am just being playful and my mouth just cant keep it shut..
I'm sorry guys.. =(
If you think you really know me well, I really hope you do..
I am not that bad of a person.. I personally think so!! xD

**My friends no longer that close, but they are still great.. **

See you guys again in October! Happy Graduation! =)

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