Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 days torture have ended!

Finally the torment has ended!
I'm a free man now..
At least my life wont be so miserable as hell as last few days..

Counting down to my last two subject to go..

Now it's time to prepare for ECP..
The one and only subject that is completely empty!
My memory remain at Chapter 2 which was taught by pretty lecturer.. LOL

Other than that, i don't know i missed how many times already..
The tutorial for this subject is even worse!
I think i only attended about 4-5 classes?
But don't think it's important also..

WHY?? This is why

My tutorial attendance is never updated.. LMAO
No wonder I never get barred because the "Squidward" tutor never even update the attendance..
I guess he give up when he see his numbered student..

NOW it's time to study!
MUST fully utilised all this remaining day!!!

Pour out the MIDNIGHT OIL!!

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