Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Of course I'm disappointed..
But, I'll congrate Barcelona for winning the cup..
Better side wins..
And today, Manchester United is a much weaker side compared to Barcelona..
Oh well... 2-0 is not a bad result..
Rather than losing 6-2.. That should be more embarrassing..
We lost we pride cause we still are the England Champion..
European Runner Up..
Not just losing in the last 16..

Not much comment can be made..

Barcelona is the new European Champion...


ericlai2020 said...

Ai...nvm lar...wat 2 do....ppl really geng....geng till......not even a single mistake.....every pass...every through...but us.....cant even touch d ball....better luck nex year lar.....

hmm....who kena score 6-2 arrrrr!!????????

ah bird said...

A lost is a lost.
That's Rule1 of football.
Runners up are always losers too, nothing to be too happy about.

PS: You lost to a side who used a DM as a CB, without the 1st choice RB, a Henry and Iniesta who've just come back from injury.
Laughable joke circus defense.
You'll probably have bigger chance winning the Offside Cup.
*No offence.

Siew5 said...

Rule of the game, when there's a winner, there's a loser..
When you lose, take it like a man and suck it up..
Not just whine about this and that..
Come on.. Finalist..
They do played very bad today..
But at least they doesn't not concede 6-2??
Anyway, we as Manchester United fans, will never get provoked, we are not hooligan who will start out a fight..
We are supporting a team which we think it's something we like..
Just like some kind of people collecting tissue, toothpick, stealing so-called "free stuff" from any place he can think of..
This is our preference.. U may hate Manchester United until the day you die..
But we will support Manchester United until we die..
I'm not a die-hard fans but I might be loyal..
Even they get relegated someday, it's still a club i support..
Cause now, Manchester United is a team with 18 league title in his HISTORY!

ah bird said...

Ohh, take it like a man ehh ?
I just saw few comments earlier, did someone just blame luck ?
Heck, whats with luck ? Ain't nothing to do with luck, like Giggs said, Barca made a fool out of MU. And then Rio would blame soft goals lahh, pitch problem lahh, Ronaldo would say wrong tactics lahh, blah blah blah, why not just blame the ref in Chel-Barca for letting them through hah ?

Duh, 18 ? RM have 31, THIRTY-ONE, know ? 3 stars on the jerseys ?

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