Friday, May 22, 2009

8 days remaining for my HOLIDAY!

2 more subject to go, 8 more days counting down..
This might be the shortest sem break ever in MMU.
Just 2 week holidays..

Because they have give Malays student extra 1 week break for Hari Raya last time..
Is this fair?
What about Chinese New Year then?
Should we get 15 days holiday?
Next Chinese New Year just got 3 days holiday if not mistaken..
Looks like next year don't have much chance for me to earn "m0ney" already.. XD

Wasted one day again..
Whole day gone down the drain..
Haiz.. Midnite Oil start to fill up soon..

Is it me or is it MMU student or is it ALL student?
Everytime also have to wait until last minute before the "ohhmmpp" to come??
Everytime left one or two days only finally pump up the speed?

Alot of thing going on my head...
Start thinking how to make money right now..
Should a student have this kind of thinking?
Well, depend right?

For me, money of course is important.
But I wouldnt waste my opportunity to graduate as an Engineer..

So right now, study is study..
Earn money is earn money..
If I can study and work smart, i think I can cope with it..

So hopefully next sem will be my best sem ever!

Work to earn money and Study to get good result!
Get more knowledge from my Mini P..

Now back to study!


★ whoaamello ★ said...

Personally, I think I leave things to the (very) last minute because I work so much better under pressure but it's really risky coz being so close to the end it pretty much only comes down to having ONE shot and it's always hit or miss. I think you'll pull through if you really give it your all. Just be careful you don't burn out (:

Siew5 said...

hi.. thanks for visitng my blog.. cant believe this post will draw anyone's attention to it..
thanks for ur comment.. what u said are very true.. It's just the only shot ur hv when U r trying to cram up everything last minute.. When u missed, u fail.. When u success, u pass.. it's just either pass or fail anyway.. But the future is at stake though.. :D

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