Thursday, May 28, 2009

Final 24 hours...

It's down to the wire right now...
The final 24 hours..
It's my final destination for Gamma year...
As soon as i step out from the hall tomorrow at 11am,
I'm a much older man already..
It's will the start of my Delta life..
If not much happen, I should be safely through to the next level...
But if accident do happen,
I guess I have to work hard again for few more week to take the SUPP paper..
Hopefully that not neccessary..
Right now, for the final push...

No more drama!
No more MSN!
No more games!

Purely study for my last paper..
And, of course...

very very very very very very very HARD!

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nicholexh said...

u dun let me see u go FB ter break record!!!

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