Sunday, May 24, 2009

My 30th Post!!!

Hahaha... This is my 30th post..
Even though not happening within 30 days..
Well.. It's more than enough..

My friend already say I posting almost everyday already..

Today spend most of my time at Farm Town besides studying..

Get to know from Kim that I have to expand the farm one by one..
So I finally expand it..
And, Wooohh...
It has become so huge..
But yet, it's not at it's largest size yet..

Upgrade will be coming soon! XD

The bigger the farm, the more time have to spend on it..
I guess, I have to stop playing with Farm Town everyday...

TO :
XH, Crystal, Kim, and maybe Yin..

Don't jealous of my farm lo.. "Man man u also will get it too"


Kim said...

OI... my farm is 16x16 now! not as geng as u but still beh pai also de eh!!! very poor now!

Siew5 said...

hahaha... have to man man save money lo.. i got more money coz i been planting 1 days crops ma.. that's y lo..

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