Saturday, May 23, 2009

Facebook, DOTA and "Rosy Business"

This is all I have been doing except for Studying..


Damn! This thing is EVIL!
You can waste time just like that..
All the silly things you can do..
Maybe should change to EVIL FACE or EVILBOOK or FACEVIL or BOOKVIL..
Hmm... Sound nice right?
Maybe I should make one myself.. :P

Quizes, Test and FARM TOWN!

Farm town is the latest craze around my gang..
We even have a "Harvest PArty' just now..
So many people were gathering to harvest Kim's farm..

I'm in the process to expand my farm too~
Doing all kind of cheats to increase my EXP ~~ XD


Defense of the Ancient..
Some says this is a cunt game, noob game, sissy game..
For some, this is the masterpiece..
Seriously though, this M.F game is very good..
There alot of thing to consider if you are a pro..
For a noob like me, stay behind the enemy line, KS whenever you can and DON'T FEED! ^^

Rosy Business :

What the heck...
TVB drama is always a big problem for MMU-ians..
CT is the place of birth for all the drama...
Currently watching this show..

At first, very TL with the lady..
Hmm.. Until now i not sure her name though..
Just know that she's a smart @$$..
She knows all kinds of things..
Everything she also can handle...
You think you are SUPERWOMAN meh??

Dunno why still stick my butt on the chair and watch this show..
Time is running out again!
Not enough time to prepare yet again!

Note to myself :

Procrastination is the thief of time!

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