Friday, April 24, 2009

What happen in the library.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Today have to pass up EPM assignment and have EEN quiz. Stay awake almost whole night just to finish off the EPM assignment while try to study for EEN quiz.

In the afternoon, I was studying in the library. Suddenly the ALARM start ringing..
Those librarian start shouting "FIRE! FIRE" while some other was shouting " TINGGALKAN BARANG ANDA! LETAKKAN SEMULA BARANG ANDA".

Those who tried to save their possession was SCOLDED for taking things along while RUNNING FOR SAFETY.

Me, ShanShan and another friend were taking our time, packing our notes, pencil and stuff SLOWLY before the librarian shouted at us. "JANGAN AMBIL BARANG! CEPAT KELUAR! FIRE! FIRE'.

The funny thing is those IS was running as if there was a fire broke out! They were rushing trying to get out from the library. I guess they never expose to this situation before.
Local student has been use with all this so called "Fire Escape Plan or something" since PRIMARY SCHOOL? Just that i never expect the same thing will happen in MMU. I wonder does the same thing happen in INTI, TAYLOR or SUNWAY?

We have to wait at the outside of the library for about like half an hour before we are allowed to go back into the library. SERIOUSLY, FAT Fireman arrive to the scene. All i can see them doing is just walking here and there. From the left to the right. Maybe want to act as if they were trying to find existing FIRE SOURCE?

You know why the FIREMEN are FAT? Because MMU has prepared KUIH or SOME FOOD for them to eat after the operation is over. What they have done anyway? Drive all the way from the BOMBA STATION to MMU. WALK AROUND AND DO NOTHING? Like that they deserve food? I give the food to the MMU cleaner better la. Too bad i din't bring along camera to capture the whole OPERATION thingy.. It's hilarious with IS running for their lives.

If a fire really break out, I wonder the librarian will still br asking people to go out or be the first one running out for their lives? I guess i have to wait for another alarm to ring next time in the future.

Anyway, MMU really rocks!

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