Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pangkor Island - The THIRD Island i'll visit after Penang Island and BALI island. ^.^

Woohoo... tmr going Pangkor Island lo.. hmm..feeling excited leh.. u know why?
Because i excited about my EEM exam which will be held on 21/04. My trip will be from 17-19 April.. So Kan Cheong lo.. >.<
This is the Island, in the Perak state.. Here's one preview of the Island..What can you see?? Just fishing boats.. Not even Banana boat.. =.="
OH.. a correction.. THis will be the Fourth Island i'll be visiting..
First - Penang Island
SECOND - SINGAPORE Island (left out this)
Third - BALI Island
Fouth - Pangkor Island

I'll update about how the real Pangkor looks like! LOL..

**8 hours to go before need to gather at STAD building** (11.00pm)

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