Tuesday, April 14, 2009

11/04 - 12/04 : Being sucker for 1 and a half day.

One day, 6 Cyber-kia and 2 SK-ian come to town to find work. They were so happy that they found work as a promoter for 2 days. They'll be paid and might get commission as well.. And here is the climax starts...
We are all eager to start work... However, due to circumstances....Know what they all doing over there??
Can guess what's happening??
Our big boys are playing with SAND ART! wow.. This is interesting...
Consolation prize winners... Most important is the grand prize winner... (**drum**)

Mr. Bird Brain is the winner! This is his prize.. Soft toys, Sissy stuffs and everything nice... ^.^

After that, we all been seen like this...

No 1 ever work anymore... everyone was busy finding places to sit, to laze around.. THE END!
**We do do our part as a promoter.. we do sell our things to the customer..**


ah bird said...

Sometimes life could be so unfair, it's only 10% effort+90% pure geniusity, some people are just born clever, or may i say they are just born to win.

Forever Win~

Siew5 said...

seriously, God hv a way with everyth.. when u good at someth, u'll suck at someth.. it's a fair game.. if u think u r so good in everyth, bkful when everyth u hv is taken back.. so always be humble and live life.. YOU NOOB BIRD!

Yin Fung said...

Soft toys, Sissy stuffs and everything nice... ^.^U make him sound like the powerpuff girls. Nice read. haha.

Been awhile since I read anything honest and pure. U still unlike those who are advertisement enthusiast driven. Once blogger start nuffnang their post become very commercialize. Dun reflect their true style.

Eh waychow, yalah be humble!!!! Always lansi later one day you will kena drop bird shit from sky!

Siew5 said...

haha yin.. i glad u know what i'm trying to do with {Soft toys, Sissy stuffs and everything nice}.
really pure cartoon follower.. LOL
I dont blog much also.. Just that suddenly got the urge. When one's wrong, they don't apologize at all. That's a very big problem. But well, it's their live. They wanna live with it, i'm fine with it but i wont go unnotice. I'LL MAKE THING LOUD AND CLEAR! ^.^

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