Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, we are now back to basic. The chicken come first or the egg?
It's just something we can't and won't find out.
One asked me about this question,
Siew5, do you have respect to yourselves?

Without second thought,
Nope, cause I don't have respect to you. Why would I respect myself when I'm talking to you.

Lol.. It's like something not making any sense right?
I not sure what I'm trying to say anyway.
When I thought of it, which one comes first?

Respect yourselves?


Respect themselves?

So which one comes first? You should respect yourselves first before respecting others or respect others then only you know how to respect yourselves?
It's strange cause we like people to respect us. On the other hand, we disrecpect other.

Does it make sense?

Disrespecting others = Disrespecting yourselves?

I guess it's just a dependable variable. It depends on how you manipulating it.

For me, if I have some disrespect for you, don't be annoyed because you should be proud.
I only disrespect those who are close to me. Someone i called "FRIENDS".
So if you feel annoyed, then be happy la.. Because you have a friend that will be there for you whenever you have trouble.

(** haha.. nothing serious about this la. Because i been "shooting" alot of people lately and somehow, some people tend to get "shot". So i'm here to say that I DON'T CARE! cause u cant run away from "my shooting" range. HAHAHA.. XD

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