Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quote of the day

Suddenly, I thought about what my friend said this morning..
When everyone was feeling stress about exam paper at 9am, my friend said this:

TI = 0, everyone will be happy! Global!

I think most of you don't think it's funny..
I will give a brief explaination..

TI is refering to Table Indicator.
The value of TI can be either 0 or 1..
When TI = 0, it is refering to Global Descriptor Table..
When TI = 1, it is refering to Local Descriptor Table..

My friend thought of a simple way to memorize this characteristic..
Which is:

When TI (refering to another friend of mine) get 0, everyone is happy about it.. So global!

This Quote of the day make my day.. =)

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