Thursday, October 22, 2009

1Malaysia - What do you think about it...

Today I get a message from Maxis..
It was asking for my opinion about 1Malaysia..
Usually, I would just delete that message..

However, today I sent out a reply..
My opinion on 1Malaysia concept..

This is what I wrote about 1Malaysia :

For 1Malaysia, there should be equal right for everyone. No one should be special than one and another. We are already in 21st century. Integrity is needed for 1Malaysia. Action must be shown toward people's if 1Malaysia is truly wanted to be achieve! Say no to racism. We are one big family living under one government. If the government 'cakap tak sama bikin', 1Malaysia will fail.

LOL.. This was what I sent back to Maxis..
I wonder where this message will be delivered.
Maybe Maxis 'Recycle Bin'.
It might be a trick from Maxis to get money from users. =D


kenwooi said...

lol.. i got it too..
i just deleted it.. =P

Kennee said...

Expect ISA to come visit you soon... XD
Malaysia Buleh!!! XD

Siew5 said...

hahaha.. i worry about ISA too!
i been reading tru over and over again..
and dont think i have said anyth that go against the mighty ISA.. =)

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