Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Holiday EVER!

Wooohooo!!!..It was a well-spent week!

I went two place in one week(to be specific, FOUR or FIVE place)

First!Langkawi was the Island we all have crazy time together..
It seem like we dint do anything much..
But yet, we spend all our time together..That's the most important part of 'crazy trip'..

Here's some picture I took in Langkawi!

Next stop was Perlis, Kangar!
Here is where Dai Lou aka YeeKean hometown..
First time go all the way to the top of Peninsular Malaysia..

Then, I took the bus to Alor Setar..
Dint walk around much coz was rushing for the bus to go SP, Kedah..

Final stop was Hatyai, Thailand!
It was full of Malaysian over there..
Maybe due to Deepavali holiday..
Many Malaysian took the opportunity to go there and shop..

The stuff there was cheap..
Everyone bring large back to fill up with stuff before coming back to Malaysia ..

Looking for the upcoming trip!
Hopefully that time i can get better picture! xD


kenwooi said...

so fun!
traveling with friends is the best! =D

Siew5 said...

yes.. it really does..
it is very fun to have friends around when going for a trip.. ^^

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