Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Environment Friendly..

Raya holiday is over..
Everyone is coming back from their 'kampung'..
You can see by looking at traffic jam in KL and PJ area..
All the hotspot will definitely jam when office hour coming to an end..

Today I was trapped in a traffic jam..
When I looked around me..
I realise one thing..

Most of the car is driven by a driver..
If not, who drive the car? =.=
Haha.. What I'm trying to say is that, only one inside a car who is the driver himself/herself..

Suddenly I asked myself..
Why everyone has to drive a car by themselves?
I was educated since I am a kid about carpooling..
But yet, not much people are practicing it..

Is it because of:-
1)Low cost of the petrol?
2)Cheap toll rate?
3)No need to pay parking in Malaysia?
4)Everyone owns a car nowadays?
5)Everyone likes to drive a car?

Don't get me wrong, I'm driving a car to work too..
However, I am forced to do so..
No choice but to drive a car by myself..
Everyone also in the same situation as I am? I wonder..

If every company set up a rules of encouraging employee to carpool, will it works?
Let say company can subsidize for their petrol?
I think this is better than company paying for their employees' car park fees..
Less car, less carpark fees and better environment..
Environment will be much better with less car on the road..
By doing so, the road will be much smoother during office hour and less emission of CO2 into the air..
Perhaps this might be a good plan.. No one ever knows.. =)

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